The editorial board of the journal "Theory and History of Art" welcomes openness, goodwill, sociability, the desire for search and knowledge in relations with authors and readers.

In accordance with the ethical norms and rules adopted by leading international scientific publishers, the editorial board of the journal "THA" has approved the principles, compliance with which is mandatory for all participants associated with the publication of scientific materials: authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board, editors and employees of the Publishing House.

1. Responsibility of the authors.
1.1. By submitting an article for publication in the journal "THA", the authors thereby confirm that this article has not been published earlier.
1.2. The authors are responsible for the content of the article. Only original scientific data should be used in articles. In the case of borrowing materials from other researchers, appropriate references should be given. Plagiarism and reproduction of any elements (text, graphics, primary data, etc.) without reference to information sources are unacceptable.
1.3. The results discussed in the article should meet the criterion of reproducibility by other researchers. All the research methods described in the article should be justified, and the results are reliable.
1.4. Information obtained privately, i.e. during correspondence, conversation or discussion with third parties, or obtained during the provision of confidential services, may be used or disclosed only if there is written permission from the source of this information.
1.5. If the author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in his own already published article, he is obliged to immediately notify the editorial board of the journal "THA" or the Publishing House and cooperate with the editorial board to review or make corrections to the publication. If the members of the editorial board or the Publisher learns from a third party that the published work contains a significant error, they immediately inform the author, and the author is obliged to promptly send corrections or provide evidence of the correctness of the submitted data.
1.6. The author may initiate the publication of an article that has already been published in his native language, in translation. Such cases are subject to special consideration at a meeting of the editorial board of the journal "THA", subject to mandatory compliance with ethical principles by all participating parties.
1.7. The authors are responsible for indicating the sources of financial support for the project, the results of which are described in the article submitted for consideration, as well as for indicating the persons who contributed to the implementation of the research.

2. Responsibility of the editorial board of the journal "THA".
2.1. The editorial board of the journal "THA" accepts for consideration previously unpublished articles containing original material or a detailed review on the subject corresponding to the scientific direction of the journal "THA". In case of detection of a previously published work that repeats the results of an article under consideration by more than 50% according to the results of verification by the Anti-Plagiarism system, the editorial board reserves the right to refuse the authors to publish the article.
2.2. The editorial board of the journal "THA" is responsible for making decisions regarding the articles proposed for consideration. The basis for the decision of the editorial board to accept the article for publication or refuse to publish is the scientific and practical significance of the material provided, as well as compliance with the requirements for the design of articles published in the journal "THA".
2.3. Members of the editorial board have no right to disclose information about the articles received by the editorial board to anyone, except for a narrow circle of persons directly related to the article and the process of its preparation for publication.
2.4. The editors of the journal in the process of reviewing articles should get acquainted in detail with the original information contained in them, but they do not have the right to use it in their own research or for other personal purposes. The use of such information is allowed only after the official publication of the article.
2.5. The editorial Board, under no circumstances should impose on the authors the citation of articles published in the journal "THA" in order to artificially improve the scientometric indicators of the journal.
2.6. Editors are obliged to ensure the control of the accuracy and correctness of the citation in the article approved for publication.

3. Responsibility of reviewers.
3.1. The review of articles in the journal "THA" is anonymous. The authors are not informed who exactly reviewed their article. However, at the request of the reviewer and with his / her written consent, the name of the reviewer can be communicated to the author of the article.
3.2. Reviewers should not disclose information about the articles submitted for review to outsiders.
3.3. Before the publication of the article, reviewers, under no circumstances have the right to use in their own research or for other personal purposes the information to which they have gained access during the review process.
3.4. In cases where the reviewer, with a generally positive opinion, has fundamentally significant comments to the reviewed article, they can be published in the form of comments in agreement with the editorial board, while the author is given the opportunity to give a public response to the reviewer on the pages of the journal.
3.5. Reviewers must conduct a scientific examination of articles within the time limits agreed in advance with the editorial board of the journal "THA". If it is not possible to perform the review within the specified period, the reviewer must immediately inform the editor-in-chief about this.
3.6. When conducting the examination of articles, reviewers should strive for maximum objectivity. The only criterion for evaluating an article is its scientific significance. In the event of a conflict of interest in any form between the reviewer and the author, the reviewer is obliged to immediately notify the editor-in-chief of the journal and refuse to review.

4. Conflict of interest.
All interested parties should avoid the occurrence of conflicts of interest in any form at all stages of the process of passing the article to the press. In the event of a conflict of interest in any form, the person who first discovered such a conflict should immediately inform the editor-in-chief. The same applies to any violations of generally accepted ethical norms and rules.
Ethical principles of the publication.
Responsibility of the authors, the editorial board of
the journal "Theory and History of Art" and reviewers